#FreeHomeDelivery #FreeInstallation #Islamabad #Lahore

#FreeHomeDelivery #FreeInstallation #Islamabad #Lahore #Rawalpindi #Karachi #Faisalabad #AgsBattery #PhoenixBattery #DaewooBattery #MillatBattery #ExideBattery
We deal in all kind of batteries:
AGS Battery
Ags has different varients for vehicles & UPS or Solar. Main type of battery of ags is ” ags battery gl 50 “. ags battery gl 50 is mian battery of ags for honda city mehran alto mera and many other cars having 1300 cc or less.
” ags cng 60 ” this ags battery is for cultus and corolla and honda city for lower models till 2007. this is a 11 Plates ags battery.
” ags gl 65 ” or ” ags gr 65 ” this ags battery is a 13 plate battery and mainly used for honda civic and toyota grande.
” ags gl 100″ or ” ags gr 100″ this ags battery is mianly used in toyota rivo , hilux , high roof , double cabin and vehicles that have 2500 cc or less. this ags battery has 15 plates.
” ags battery 165 ” or “ags battery 175” these ags batteries are used where vehicle and load of a house like fans etc can be used.
it is best for coasters trucks and 3 fans and 5 , 6 led bulbs at home.
Daewoo Battery
Daewoo has differnet batteries for vehicles
only maintenance free battery used for vehicles only. a note of “not for ups” is written on battery. Daewoo battery dl 50 is used in mehran alto honda city and many other vehicles. Daewoo battery dl 55 is for honda city and toyota corrola.. Daewoo battery dl 65 or daewoo dr 65 is mainly used ofr honda civic and toyota grande and other vehilces but should have 1800 cc or less.
Daewoo battery Dl 120 or Daewoo battery dr 120 is used in toyota rivo or toyota fortuner.
#FreeHomeDelivery #FreeInstallation #Islamabad #Lahore #Rawalpindi #Karachi #Faisalabad #AgsBattery #PhoenixBattery #DaewooBattery #MillatBattery #ExideBattery
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