Phoenix Battery TX 3000 245 AH Tubular Phoenix Battery

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Battery Details: Phoenix Battery TX 3000 245 AH Tubular Phoenix Battery

Phoenix Battery TX 3000 245 AH Tubular Phoenix Battery

Battery Type  Tubular / Solar Battery
 Battery Model  Phoenix Battery TX 3000 Tall Tubular
 Volts  12
 Plates Per Cell  07 Plates Per tube
 Ampere  245 Ah
 Manufacture  Century Engineering Limited
 Application  UPS & Solar
 Made in  Pakistan

TX 3000 245 ah
Phoenix tall tubular tx 3000 contains 245 ah. It is mostly used with solar system for long backup. It is used in pairs as 2, 4, 8 or more with same sequence. This is the latest model of phoenix battery. They have introduced it in 2021 with up gradations in TX 3000 245 ah. It comes in power cube series. Tube technology is used in tall tubular series as there are less plates but height of tubes is better than normal lead acid batteries. Tx 3000 is a deep cycle battery.

There are some conditions for warranty as

  • Tx 3000 245 ah will be used with solar system , inverter  & with car that runs with battery.
  • Proper battery for any system should be used as per system requirements.
  • Battery tx 3000 245 ah electrolyte level should be maintain.
  • Clean and clear distilled water should be used.
  • Any leakage after installation will not be accepted.
  • Phoenix battery is not responsible in case of Fire or any incident.
  • Battery Over charge or no use for a long time as it will cause for sulfate.
  • Card tampering ( Try to change date of installation)
  • For best performance, charging system of inverter should be at right rating.

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