AGS HB 65 45 AH 13 Plate Hybrid Battery 1 Year Warranty

  • Ags hybrid HB 65, 45 ah , 13 plates
  • Original & Brand new Battery
  • Company Charged Battery with Filled Acid
  • Free Home Delivery and Installation
  • One Year free Warranty as per Company Policy

Battery Details: AGS HB 65 45 ah 13 Plate Hybrid Battery 1 Year Warranty


AGS HB 65 45 ah 13 Plate

Battery Type Hybrid Battery
Battery Model HB 65 thin pole
Volt 12
Plates Per Cell 13
Ampere 45 Ah
Size in mm L= 238 , W=129  & H=227
Weight NA
Polarity Thin Left Pole
Warranty 1 Year
Battery Family (J I S) N50 Family
Brand AGS Batteries
Manufacture Atlas Battery Limited
Application Upto 1800cc Vehicles
Made in Pakistan

Hybrid HB 65 45 ah 13 plates
Hb 65 is company charged battery with filled acid. Ags has made it on hybrid technology. HB 65 is mainly used in Honda Civic, Corolla GLI and many other cars (vehicles). HB 65 can not be used for UPS(Urgent Power System) and Solar system as it is not for back up( only for startup).Company is offering One year Free Replacement warranty.

Important Instructions

  • Do not handle battery roughly
  • Always keep the battery upright
  • Before using hybrid hb 65  battery, check the battery voltage and specific gravity of  electrolyte. charge the battery if required.
  • Check the electrolyte level regularly.
  • The electrolyte should not fall below the lower level indicated on the battery.
  • Always keep the battery clean.
  • Grease the terminals.
  • Always use the model of battery specified by the vehicle manufacturer

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